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Created May 17, 2012
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There seems to be a problem with inductors in CL: they do not properly conserve flux if their series resistance is set to zero.


I1 charges L1 to 1A. L2 is discharged (the current through it = 0). At T=0.1ms the top end of L1 is shorted to ground i.e. I1 is shorted out. The current in L1 is maintained at 1A. At T=0.5ms L2 is switched in series with L1. Due to flux conservation between L1 and L2, the current through L1 should fall to 0.5A. Simultaneously, the current through L2 should rise to 0.5A.

With 0R series resistance in CL inductors this does not happen. With 1uR series resistance in CL inductors flux conservation is respected.

Because only one parameter can be swept at a time and CL does not allow component parameters to be expressed as variables, it is not possible to show the two runs on the same plot.

Run the Time Domain simulation with L1 R_ESR = L2 R_ESR = 0 and then again with L1 R_ESR = L2 R_ESR = 1u to see the difference.


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