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Created October 18, 2012
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Some ways to measure and plot resistances in a schematic.

Simulate > DC > Run DC Solver


Simulate > Time Domain > Run Time-Domain Simulation


A way to display resistance on a schematic from a DC simulation and to plot resistance on a Time Domain graph.

VresA, VresB and VresC are behavioural voltage sources whose the expressions calculate the various individual or combined series/parallel resistance values.

The voltages they produce are then measured by voltmeters VM1, VM2 and VM3 respectively. Each is set to show voltage (double click and tick the box). The displayed voltages are scaled at 1V/Ohm.

In both the DC and Time Domain, the probe expressions can be scaled in Ohms directly by dividing voltages by currents or by taking the V(resA), V(ResB) and V(ResC) voltages and dividing them by the value of Iref1, 1A.

Simulate > DC > Run DC Solver

Simulate > Time Domain > Run Time-Domain Simulation


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