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Created June 10, 2012
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Circuit showing how to control a simple buzzer using a Raspberry Pi GPIO pin configured as an output.


This circuit shows to turn a buzzer on and off using a GPIO pin configured as an output.

The buzzer I used was a basic 6V device with an internal resistance of 240 ohms. This means it draws 20mA with a 5V supply.

R2 limits current from the GPIO pin. GPIO is either 0v or 3.3V so max current into base of transistor is 3.3/27000 = 120uA.

The transistor could be a BC547, BC548 or equivalent.

I have tested this circuit and it works fine.

Please visit my Raspberry Pi website for further information


Hey man i just started on a raspberry pi. I understand that your pin 6 is connected to ground and your pin 2 is connected to 5V simulating the raspberry pi. I do not understand the equivalence of a GPIO pin on circuitlab. Would be nice if you can explain to me how you came up with the GPIO pins equivalence! Nice circuit btw!

by srinivasan25
July 14, 2016

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