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Created January 18, 2013
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PolyPhase Distortion Cancellation (sine wave oscillator)


From an article

C1, R1 provide 90 degree Phase Shift that's buffered by PS1's A = 2.
C2, R2 provide 90 degree Phase Shift that's buffered by PS2's A = 2.
PS3 provides 180 degree Phase Shift "closing the loop", "Clipper" amplitude limiting, A = R8 / R7.
OA1 provides "Distortion Cancellation" from multi phase feedback.

I have selected a long "Time Constant", very low "Oscillator Loop Gain" ((R7+R8)/R7),
to further reduce distortion introduction. Oscillations takes about 2.6 seconds to stabilize.

Produces a visually clean "Sine Wave" reference.


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