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Created November 27, 2021
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If negative resistance is not allowed to undergo simulation in CircuitLab, then maybe this is why there are no spark gaps allowed as components?


I don't understand why a negative resistor yields a zero current and no measurable voltage during simulation?

An example, for comparison, simulated in LTSPICE IV indicating the status of a generator at the capacitor.


Mathematically, the differential equation leads to an infinity growing current. Indeed, for positive R, we have something proportional to e-t / RC. But change R to -R, the negative sign disappears, and you obtain an exponentially growing behavior as time increases.

Physically, you absorb energy (instead of losing energy in heat), and more current you use, more energy you include in the (closed) system. You create energy out of nothing.

by vanderghast
November 28, 2021

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