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Created February 16, 2015
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A model for a Unijunction Transistor (UJT).

See Descrption below.


A model for a UJT.

Ported to CL by from:

This subckt and the implementation shown here, works in EasyEDA:


and in LTspice.

However, it does not work in CL.

Pinout E, B1, B2 1.. 2....3

Default N-Channel Unijunction Transistor .SUBCKT XUJT 1 2 3 DE 1 4 EMITTER VE 4 5 DC 0 HVE 6 0 VE 1K RVE 0 6 1MEG BBB 5 7 I=0.00028V(5,7)+0.00575V(5,7)V(6) CBB 5 7 35P RB1 7 2 38.15 RMOD RB2 3 5 2.518K RMOD .MODEL RMOD R TC1=.01 .MODEL EMITTER D (IS=21.3P N=1.8) .ENDS XUJT


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