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Created February 16, 2015
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A model for a Programmable Unijunction Transistor (PUT).

See description below.


A model for a Programmable Unijunction Transistor (PUT).

This model - as well as the original OnSemi subckt model - works in EasyEDA:


and in LTspice.

However, this model does not work in CL.

Models imported to this simulation:

.MODEL NMOD NPN(IS=5E-15 VAF=100 IKF=0.3 ISE=1.85E-12 + NE=1.45 RE=0.15 RC=0.15 CJE=7E-10 TF=0.6E-8 + CJC=2.2E-10 TR=4.76E-8 XTB=3)

.MODEL PMOD PNP(IS=2E-15 VAF=100 IKF=0.3 ISE=1.90E-12 + NE=1.5 RE=0.15 RC=0.15 CJE=7E-10 TF=1.6E-8 + CJC=2.2E-10 TR=5.1E-8 XTB=3)



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