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Created September 26, 2012
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A simple bjt curve tracer


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Well to be honest with you, I am 14, and I am working on this program for my science fair topic: how can a circuit save water and energy? There was a example of my project on and I tried to build the same thing, but there was a problem, the example circuit required a 4011 IC NAND gate, so I substituted it with a NAND1 gate and i ran the dc sweep and it said error. Oh, I noticed you live in the UK, I was born in the Czech Republic. Do you watch the show top gear?

by Marek
October 10, 2012

Thanks.and did you ever meet the guys from top ger in person?

by Marek
October 11, 2012

No. Have you?

I did once meet Brian Eno.

He wasn't impressed.


by signality
October 11, 2012


by Marek
October 11, 2012

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