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Created November 26, 2012
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A DC brushed motor circuit powered by an AC generator.


Ok, so this is my real life project . . . This is a circuit to power a 97 volt 70 amp DC brushed motor. The diode names are incorrect, but they are part of a 100 amp diode bridge. The resistors I'm making myself out of ceramic tubing, Nichrome 80 resistance wire, and high temp electrical tape used in the aircraft industry and will be capable of handling 10 kw. They are there to lower the voltage to 97 VDC (a voltage divider). The 470 uf capacitor is the only one I could find that's capable of handling the high power - it's off of a 10 kw military generator (I would rather have a 100 uF cap). The AC input is a 7250 watt 120 volt generator. I'm having trouble setting up everything on Circuit Lab correctly though. For example, I'm not sure what resistance to make the load (motor) to make the simulation run properly. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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