"Practical Electronics for Inventors" Features CircuitLab

Feb 24 2013, 3:30 PM PST · 0 comments »

The new third edition of "Practical Electronics for Inventors", by Paul Scherz and Simon Monk, was just published last month. Our team was pleasantly surprised to discover that the book features CircuitLab as recommended electronics software, and even includes a brief walkthrough with screenshots!

Practical Electronics for Inventors with CircuitLab

We just received our copy, and it’s an impressive 1000+ page volume, starting from basic theory and flowing into hands-on practical circuit design. It covers everything from basic transistor circuits to op-amps, digital logic, motor control, component selection, and how-to prototyping tips. The book would be a great fit for a hands-on electronics course at the undergraduate or high school level, or for hobbyists looking for a comprehensive getting started guide and lab reference. (And, of course, CircuitLab would be a great tool for exploring many of the concepts in the book!) For a more in-depth book review, also see Wired's "Geekdad" blog.

Paperback and Kindle editions of "Practical Electronics for Inventors" are now available from Amazon.com.


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