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After launching earlier this year, we're very happy to watch as CircuitLab finds its way into academic engineering and science programs around the world, both in electrical engineering undergraduate and graduate programs as well as a variety of other engineering and science disciplines where electronics plays a role. Students and faculty are telling us that CircuitLab replaces their desktop tools like PSpice, Multisim, and LTspice, and provides a low-friction, cross-platform environment for schematic capture and circuit simulation.

Here's a student using CircuitLab in an electronics lab at the University of Pennsylvania (looks like a discrete op-amp design!):

CircuitLab circuit simulator at Penn

We'd like to share some of the feedback we've been getting from students and faculty:

"What an amazing tool you've created! ... Two days ago, before we had found the time to install LTspice on all of our classroom computers, I stumbled upon CircuitLab. I showed it to the students today in my Laboratory Electronics course, and a few of them are already using it to finish up this week's lab at home. Next week they will have to use CircuitLab to do one part of the assignment. CircuitLab makes it feasible for me to ask students to study simulated circuits at home, without the big hassle of software installation, OS-dependent instructions, etc."
- Dr. Bill Ashmanskas, University of Pennsylvania

"I actually learned about CircuitLab from one of my circuits professors. We have used tons of CAD software like NI Multisim, PSpice, and the list goes on. But he recommended CircuitLab because of the super friendly and easy human interface that it provides. And you still get a lot of good simulation features that other software also provides, but with much less of a headache. Plus you do not have to download X amount of gigs on your PC to run the programs! Thanks for the great tool!"
- Marques K., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"I just want to say thanks to you guys for this tool, I've been using it for a long time now and it has been reliable, powerful and bug free. Keep up the good work! And of course I let everyone know about CircuitLab, I think it's great to have it all online even though I'm actually only supposed to be using LTSpice for university work."
- Mitchell G., University of Queensland, Australia

All in all, CircuitLab is now in use at over 500 colleges and universities around the world! We can't list them all, but we'd like to say a big "thanks" to the students and faculty at some of the schools that are some of our earliest adopters, joining us to pilot the cutting edge of browser-based engineering software this semester, including:

Is your school missing from this list? Tell your colleagues (students and faculty) about CircuitLab, or feel free to send us photos & feedback about using CircuitLab in your classroom.


Thanks for creating this amazing tool for circuit simulations. It really solves real problems in the work of simulation for students and teachers in the development of our classes. Circuitlab is being used more often by students at Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and I personally contribute to make more and more people use it in my study sessions as a Student and Teachers Assistant.Thanks!

Jorge Ledesma, Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC)

by jl100967
November 01, 2012

Buddies, doing experiments so seriously! 祝你顺利!

by songzhige
February 12, 2013

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