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NE555 Astable Design v0.1 2020oct1101

NE555 Astable Design v0.1 2020oct1101 PUBLIC

NE555 Astable Frequency Changer

by tlfong01 | updated October 10, 2020

astable   ne555  


mcp23017_test_v0.2_2020aug0101 PUBLIC

by tlfong01 | updated August 01, 2020


mcp23s17_test_2020jul3002 PUBLIC

mcp23s17 testing v0.2

by tlfong01 | updated July 30, 2020


hc08_2020febn2802 PUBLIC

HC08 Quad 2-input AND gate

by tlfong01 | updated February 28, 2020


ev02-20_2020feb1202 PUBLIC

Version 2 with pull up at ADC input.

by tlfong01 | updated February 12, 2020


EV-2 Expression/Volume Pedal V0.1

EV-2 Expression/Volume Pedal V0.1 PUBLIC

EV-2 Expression/Volume Pedal > ADS1115 > Rpi4B V1.0

by tlfong01 | updated February 12, 2020

ads1115   ev-2   rpi4b  


ads1256_rpi_2019jun0801 PUBLIC

ads1256 rpi connection V0.2

by tlfong01 | updated June 08, 2019