wheelchair drivers seat actuator control by RF remote control relay and with seperate manual dpdt momentary switch for controlling a disabled persons car seat

hi there i hope i am asking in the right place i do not understand electronics but have a question about existing electronics and would be incredibly grateful for a clear simple answer, not a circuit diagram as it will go over my head, i am a wheelchair user but am able to drive an adapted car, my problem is i am trying to sort out some wiring for the 6-way seat (a powered seat that's main function is to move the driver's seat from the driving position to the back of my adapted car so i can move over from my wheelchair to the driver's seat and then move it back into the driving position) controls i can control by RF relay or by DPDT momentary switch to activate the main actuator, my car is also driven by carers and friend from time o time and they always forget to put the seat to the back of the car so i can transfer into it from my chair leaving me stuck so i need to have a manual DPDT switch on the side of the drivers seat so anyone using the car including me can control it and also a remote control so if it is left in the drivers possition and i need to operate it i can do it from my chair via remote if possible a drawing of the connections on the relay listing com, nc and no, terminals as well as power if more than just the 12v for the relay is needed and the DPDT switch for this setup would be of huge help. the DPDT momentary switch is hooked up with middle terminals for 12v power in and the outside fouR terminals are connected to the actuator power forwards and backward depending on what side of the switch is depressed, with a cross-over to the opposite end and side of the switch to make the correct links to activate forwards or backward as you would see for a standard DPDT switch wiring for an actuator, i hope this makes sense i would upload a couple of pictures but there does not seem to be that option. a quick response would be extremely helpful as i have an offer of some help to install this but their time is very limited. i am unsure of what info you need so i will try to list all i can think that may be relevant, it is for a car 12v, there is an independent dedicated 12v supply under the seat ready to tap into, and the actuator is a 28" stroke with a 1500Newtons 150kg working load capacity i am unsure of the amps but it would be under 6amp as absolute max, i have several 2ch and 4ch remote relays and have several DPST and plenty of wire of suitable rating i have inline fuses and some diodes unsure of the exact spec but have been used on limit switches on my wheelchair actuators so prob be fine for this application. i am used to working with electrics. i hope that covers it. a huge thank you in advance

by mmbspaced
May 17, 2023

2 Answers

Answer by shearingr

Hi Why don't you make a loom and controller by parralleling all rhe switches back into a control book to suit the location via multicore wire EG: 8,10,12 Way

Regards Ray

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by shearingr
May 19, 2023

Answer by mmbspaced

hi there i am sorry but i have no idea what you mean, i have never heard the term control book in relation to electronics, as i said i do not understand much when it comes to electronics there is little info on Google results that seem to fit the bill, all i can guess is you mean wire up a secondary button in the back of the car, that would be a fallback option but a remote would be far better as it would be more versatile it would be fitted on my wheelchair so always within my reach without causing more pain, it can have duplicate remotes very easily so one could be left in the rear of the car too, with a switch it would need to be mounted somewhere that i could reach without a problem, and that is easier said than done it would also be at risk of anything that is carried in the back of the car when my carer or friends are using the car to hit the button activating it while the car is being driven! or breaking it, neither a good option, i would be greatful if you could clarify what you mean. thank you. i appreciate you taking the time to respond and so quikly.

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by mmbspaced
May 19, 2023

Hi Sorry it should have said a Control Box. First you will have to sort out how to control the function you require to do the complete the operation required the build on that function this is why I said to parallel to controls in the seat to a further control extension point this should be simple by using a STDP switch across the original then you expand from there to control the seat switch in a remote fashion. you would then have access remotely and then add the electronics of a remote function to that with a timer to switch off in a preset time then think about how you are going to inhibit the functions if required. A word of warning if the seat has memory functions it will have some control box for talking to the car and power control there are two wires to that module which will be pinkish in colour & twisted DO-NOT interfere with them as they are connected to the CAN-BUS network and you will possibly render the car inoperative in some way. In all honesty you need at least someone who knows about electronics and is building simple circuits as there are modules that will do the job but has with all design break it down to blocks on paper first then go forward from there. May I suggest you use the circuit designer to at least give the rest of the readers a block indication of the seat switches which you need to reverse engineer first it's operation this is why i suggested putting another switch across the original first hope this will give you an insight to start but a picture / diagram is worth a thousand words. Good luck

by shearingr
May 20, 2023

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