Protection Board - 2S 7.4V 3A 18650 Lithium Battery

Hi Guys, I recently bought the below board for a project that Im working on that would have been to charge two 3,4v batteries in series.

the board.

However with this circuit there are no LED displays to indicate when the batteries are charged, Also something confusing to me is the power output + & - share the same solder points as power input + & - so what will stop the battery from discharging back to the power source once charged.

Anyone have some knowledge on this Id love to hear what you think. Thank you .

by Rhine
November 06, 2021

1 Answer

Answer by vicmc116

Hi the picture of the board on the website says the input voltage goes to P which is the two solder squares the output voltage B goes to the batteries B being the long strips at the end.

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by vicmc116
November 07, 2021

Hi Vicmc thanks for replying and sorry for the late reply. A guy suggested on a facebook group that I use the TP 5100 board which is for two cells and has the led indicators on it.

by Rhine
November 18, 2021

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