Clipping at high voltages only?

I'm currently working on a guitar tuner and I'm looking at a voltage amplifier with a gain of 220. I am using a MCP6273 (like a 741 but more optimised for a 5V supply) with a Gain-Bandwidth product of 2MHz. I was expecting that for each signal there would be clipping distortion as 50mV x 220 = 11V, however at 1Hz it peaks at about 3.5V . It clips at higher frequencies however. Does anyone know why this is the case?

Thanks in advance!

by winner180
March 23, 2019

1 Answer

Answer by wangwg88

if VDD – VSS of MCP6273 is 5V, it's impossible to output signal with Vpeak larger than 5V. According to datasheet, if input voltage is less than 75mV, there should not be any output. You are lucky to have output when input voltage Vpeak is only 50mV.

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by wangwg88
March 24, 2019

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