Custom Device Models won't save anymore


I used to type in parameters for transistor device models and save them and I could pull them up in any other circuit by name. But sometimes I make changes and overwrite my old models and a dialog pops up warning me and has a checkbox to prevent further warnings like this. So I checked that box and now it seems I can no longer save device models like I used to.

Can I get those dialogs to show up again somehow or is there some other way to save custom device models?

by rstefan
November 27, 2016

Hi @rstefan, I believe that option only lasts for a single browser session. If you close your web browser (Chrome or Firefox?) completely, and then start it again, you will once again get the windows that ask you for the name to save the device models. Hope that helps!

by mrobbins
November 27, 2016

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