Definition of "phase" in Voltage Function Generators

Firstly, I enjoy using this package - well done for creating it.

This isn't really a bug - but could you define "phase" in Voltage Function Generators in the documention?

I wanted a sine wave generator and also a cosine wave generator. To make a cosine wave generator, I assumed I'd need a phase of +90 degrees using a Voltage Function Generators with a sine wave - since sin(x+90)=cos(x). However, you seem to have to use a phase of -90 degrees.

You can try this using this test circuit:

Have I misunderstood something here? If not, this isn't a problem, but it would help to define phase in the documentation to make it clearer.



by Fothers
January 05, 2022

Here's the circuit lab link to the test circuit:

by Fothers
January 05, 2022

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