How to import the Transistor that I need.

Repairing the audio section in my B-K 970 radio transistor analyst instrument. Audio Oscillator is used to modulate the RF section of the Generator for trouble shooting. The unit has a bad 16L64 npn transistor as the oscillator which feeds a 2n3611 pnp transistor for output. The 16L64 transistor is no longer available, so I have to use a nte107 as a substitute. I intent to use this simulator quite a bit once I finish the learning curve. I love to learn electronics since I'm thru with 35 years in the electrical Trades. You can tell I'm a retired engr. by my long winded route to ask a question Question: How can I get the nte107 transistor in to my schematic editor. I need to play with the bias on the nte107. Thanks ever so much for any help.

by RayPalmore
April 15, 2012

Draw your circuit in CircuitLab. Place transistors as required. Double click on a transistor you wish to edit. Click on Edit individual parameters and then edit the parameters to match those given in the SPICE model of your target device, omitting any parameters that CircuitLab does not support and leaving blank any that CircuitLab supports but which are not present in the model you have for your target device.

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by signality
April 17, 2012

A plain old NPN transistor, good for 200 milliwatts, and a gain of 20 to 50, say the 2N3904, will probably be close enough. All those companies licensed the basic 2N706 Fairchild planar process and didn't diverge much from that for many years.

Any well designed transistor circuit will be able to tolerate a 2 or 3 x variation in transistor current gain.

by arduinohacker
April 17, 2012

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