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I'm a newbee, so I'm probably missing something, but...

Is it possible to export results of the DC solver or the DC Sweep to a spreadsheet? The "Export Results" link creates a web page. This would be handy for reports and trouble shooting guides.

This is a sample of the CSV export option from the DC Solver: I(R1.nA),0.07792471915336616,A I(R2.nA),0.07791275592929592,A V(Q2.nB),2.589217581244918,V I(Q2.nB),0.000011963224070228757,A V(Q2.nE),1.91493558525224,V I(Q2.nC),0.0019029723611820113,A V(Vsensor),2.6490337015960614,V V(Vdrive),1.91493558525224,V

by edave63
January 24, 2021

Hi @edave63,

The CSV export can almost always be imported directly into a spreadsheet for further manipulation. With most modern spreadsheet programs including Google Sheets or Excel you can copy the values of the page that opens when you hit export, and then simply paste on the spreadsheet. Excel and Google Sheets "do the right thing" and split the values on the commas.

If this doesn't work you can copy the values and then paste them onto a regular text file on your computer, save that text file and then import the CSV file into your spreadsheet software

by hevans
February 02, 2021

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