Passive crossover

Hi, I'm attempting to examine a passive crossover in CircuitLab. Infourtunately I'm stuck with the can't find input error. Any help getting the circuit going would be great. Thanks.

by NEODan
November 30, 2012

Hi NEODan,

This is a common problem, it’s not very intuitive, to say the least:

Delete the “in” and type a “V” into that box, CL will suggest what you could use, click the “V3” … YEAH !!!

Regards, Sancho

by Sancho_P
November 30, 2012

Thanks Sancho, I should have picked up on that, I had even manually entered v3. The filter transfer functions do not look like what I was expecting but it's an interesting start.

by NEODan
November 30, 2012

if the electrical transfer functions don't look as you expect it is probably because you are only modelling the CX itself without any loads attached. you need to build models describing the electrical impedance of the LF and HF drive units and attach these to the outputs, then you will get what you want. also, you will need to add some small resistances in series with the inductors to be truly accurate

by hopper
December 17, 2012

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