EL156 PS

Im a newbie at this so please be kind. Im planning to build a stereo integrated PP EL156 amp and I have designed a PS schematic. I dont know if this will work so please if you mind, give me some constructive critics.

by h00hbt
March 24, 2013

HereĀ“s the schematic. https://www.circuitlab.com/circuit/32rrcp/el156/

by h00hbt
March 24, 2013


Welcome to CL.

You are unlikely to get much help for the circuit you have posted because you have given insufficient data for anyone to make any useful judgements or comments on.

What you have posted is very little more than a collection of symbols on a sheet.

One has to assume that you are talking about some sort of push pull amplifier using EL156 pentode valve but even then your diagram is not much clearer.

It's a bit like me saying:

"I have a car.

Is it broken?"


by signality
March 25, 2013

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