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Created December 08, 2023
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I am building a full sized Astromech 3D printed R2D2. I am working on the power supply schematic to put it together properly and not have anything catch fire or blow up, or melt down the R2D2 I am building. I am not an expert in this area at all, and require help in configuring this schematic correctly. The goal is to utilize a 24V 15amp DPDT toggle switch to do three things: 1) When the toggle switch is up, the R2D2 is powered on, via a SPST 24V relay, 2) when the toggle switch is in the middle position the R2D2 is off, and the Battery Charger connection is not enabled, and 3) when the toggle switch is in the down position, the Battery Charger connection is enabled (so if I plug in the 24V charger it charges the two 12V batteries in series.

Please provide comments to help me create an accurate and safe wiring schematic for me to implement. Your expertise is greatly appreciated. I think there are issues with my schematic, there might be many. Again, thanks for your assistance.


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