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Created May 29, 2012
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Circuit to drive an audio visualizer. The display grid is 7x7. The MSGEQ7 will break up the incoming audio into 7 bands, and the PIC will display the converted bands on the display. Using the Counter and transistor chips to save on uC pins. The end goal is to have a audio visualizer small enough to fit inside a mint tin.


Not provided.


Equalizer? This looks like a 7 band display of the signal with no provision for equalizing the response... The input and output are shorted, so no signal processing whatsoever, just level detection and display.

Odd, the MSI data sheet lists this chip as a "Seven Band Graphic Equalizer", but their website more accurately lists it as a "Seven Band Graphis Equalizer Display Filter". Odd choice of filtering as well, as an incoming signal placed between two bands will show up in adjacent bands at -10dB; normally these bands would use steeper filters and cross each other at -3dB.

But simple is good, and doing all this filtering in a single chip is pretty neat.

by CarlSawtell
May 30, 2012

Your observation is correct, this circuit will only read an audio signal, and provide a visual representation. I will update the title.

by rds1918
May 30, 2012

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