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Created September 27, 2012
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Simple bike enhancement (Markobaldo)


Problem: A motorbike's brake light seems to be too weak. Simply paralleling other LEDs may not work because the bike is equipped with a CAN Bus module to engage (and monitor) the tail / brake light.

The LED for the original tail- and brake light is one and the same !

The dotted box below the (symbolic) CAN bus module delivers the signal which originally comes out of the CAN bus module:

A PWM signal (square wave 12 volts) for the tail light and the switch from the bike’s brake for 100 % light (here: automatically after 27 msec).

The big dotted box contains the electronics you may need.

This circuit is designed to access the tail light / brake light signal from the CAN Bus module which is (hopefully) a PWM signal of about 100 Hz and 10 % duty cycle (*) for the tail light, and 100 % when the brake light is needed.

(*) Assumed, I don’t know about your bike’s signal.

Try the Time-Domain simulation to see the PWM (tail light) and the brake coming in at 27 msec.

Warning! Do not modify your bike's lights without consulting your dealer!


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