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Created October 07, 2012
Last modified October 07, 2012
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This circuit illustrates connecting a 3.3v sensor, the Sparkfun MPU 6050 breakout board, using 2 MOSFETS as voltage shifters to a 5v microcontroller. The Arduino board is an Arduino Uno and the ATMega pinouts are shown for a Nerdkit.

REF: Philips Semiconductor App Note AN97055


The I2C bus schematic shown can be used to interface 3.3v devices with 5v devices.

Illustrated is a circuit to hook up a Sparkfun MPU6050 6 DOF Gyro / accelerometer breakout board with an Arduino Uno although information is provided so Nerdkit or bare ATMega 28pin package users can hook up to the device as well.

Software for the Arduino to interface to the MPU6050 can be found at


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