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Created November 13, 2011
Last modified June 08, 2017
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CircuitLab has no problem simulating big circuits of resistors, voltage sources, and current sources.


Load the simulation by clicking "Open in editor" above, and then click "Simulate" at the bottom. Then click "Run DC Solver".

Probe around with your mouse, and as you hover over wires and terminals, you'll see the calculated currents and voltages.

Go back to Build mode, adjust some values, and experiment!


these simple circuits look boring on the surface try changing some values like a voltage at 120 or 277 then resistances of 240 ohms and then add wire resistance

by leonriege
February 05, 2013

i thnink they are helpful for starters dont you thnk

by cybertron13
April 19, 2013

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