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Created May 23, 2013
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Low voltage white noise generator and bridge amplifier circuit.


This white noise generator is intended to be used on a 12-35 volt system such as a car or boat. The 7809 regulator will provide a stable 9 volt supply to power the circuit. The white noise generator supplies a white noise output to the inputs (pins 2 & 7) of the 4935 audio amplifier. The amplifier is configured in bridge mode and outputs to a single 4-8 ohm speaker.

C7, C8 & C12 are polyester film capacitors. C6, C9 & C10 are ceramic capacitors. C5 & C11 are electrolytic capacitors. Q2c is not connected.This allows the transistor to conduct in avalanche mode thus providing the source of white noise. Vary R1 to control the amplitude of Q1's output to the bridge amplifier stage.

This schematic is the compilation of two separate circuits I managed to find online. I have not yet been able to build and test this circuit yet so I have no way to tell how well it will work. I will update as soon as I have done so. Meanwhile, if anyone has any comments, corrections or suggestions, please feel free to weigh in. Credits:


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