555 output voltage doesn't follow Vcc

Dear friends,

I've made an 555 PWM Generator, to simulate a real-life project, and it worked almost perfectly. Doesn't matter what voltage I use for the Vcc pin, the output is always limited by 5V.

Sure, 5V is the most usual voltage used for this kind of circuit, but, to drive a power MOSFET gate, 15V would be better (and it is OK according the datasheet also). Anyway, depends of the project.

Take a look:


Well... what you guys think? For me, it's a bug that CircuitLab could easily fix =P

It would be very nice if it was fixed. 555 is a IC used in lots of projects, with lots of configurations.

by GabrielPauka
April 21, 2016

Darn... wrong forum =/

It should be on CircuitLab Support Forum. Sorry...

by GabrielPauka
April 21, 2016

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