System Requirements

CircuitLab pushes the envelope on in-browser computation. Depending on your circuit, the simulator might be asked to solve hundreds or thousands of simultaneous non-linear equations. Your browser's Javascript engine performance will have a significant effect on your simulation performance.

CircuitLab also uses modern graphics techniques to allow for schematic editing and graphing in the browser. These techniques are only supported in newer browsers.

While we strive to support all modern standards-compliant web browsers, CircuitLab officially supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Although we are unable to officially support them at this time, our users report success with Apple Safari and Opera.

CircuitLab requires that JavaScript be enabled in your browser. For help enabling JavaScript support, this page may be helpful.

Does your company/organization restrict you to using Internet Explorer? Try Google Chrome Frame.

Touch-Based Browsers

iPad support is now available. See our Touch Interface Documentation for details.

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About CircuitLab

CircuitLab is an in-browser schematic capture and circuit simulation software tool to help you rapidly design and analyze analog and digital electronics systems.