Dear Professor,

If you are considering using CircuitLab for teaching your engineering or science course, we encourage you to put CircuitLab to a head-to-head test with your existing tools and see how much time and frustration you, your teaching staff, and your students will save fighting clunky outdated tools and cross-platform compatibility issues.

We offer a self-serve institution-wide license outlined below. This will let you and your students get started right away. If this doesn't suit your needs just email us at and let us know what you are looking for, we will help you find a way to get CircuitLab into your classroom!

  — The CircuitLab Team

The CircuitLab Academic Institution Program (CAIP) provides institution-wide site licensing of CircuitLab Student Edition to all students, faculty, and staff at your accredited academic institution! Colleges, universities, graduate programs, high schools, and school districts around the world are eligible to participate.

Click here to check if your institution is already part of the Academic Institution Program.

An educational site license of CircuitLab Student Edition, covering all users at your institution, is now available for $1200.00, covering 6 calendar months.

Other plans:

Electronics lab bench

With CAIP site license:

Faculty or staff:

  1. Completes form and payment below, which is processed by CircuitLab staff within 24 hours.


  1. Create an account at CircuitLab.
  2. Verify they can receive e-mail @YOURSCHOOL.EDU.
  3. One-click immediate acceptance to CircuitLab Student Edition.

For every student, faculty, and staff who apply for CircuitLab Student Edition, their affiliation with your institution is verified by e-mail address domain. Each user must be able to receive mail at your domain (i.e. yourname@XYZ.EDU). If you have multiple e-mail subdomains (i.e. yourname@STUDENTS.XYZ.EDU), we will include them if they are specified below. (Alumni subdomains for non-active students will not be included.)

Non-EDU domains, such as YOURSCHOOL.AC.UK, YOURSCHOOL.ORG, or YOURSCHOOL.K12.NY.US, will be manually reviewed and are accepted as long as they are an official domain for that insitution.

Please list all domains where users may receive e-mail, for example YOURSCHOOL.EDU and STUDENTS.YOURSCHOOL.EDU, with one entry per line.
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Please contact wth any questions about registering your school for the CircuitLab Academic Institution Program.