Error in DC solve - Aborting TypeError: Cannot read property "T" of null

I made this circuit but I can't seem to simulate it. I named 2 nodes so that the control current is obvious and they voltage I want is also clear. From the examples I saw, it seemed V(v) should give the voltage. No documentation to clarify more explicitly how to find I though. Some nA nB I see in the examples but I don't understand.

by bloodtalon
February 29, 2016

The problem is that the ib that you have referrred to in CCVS1 is a node label that represents the voltage on and not the current flowing through the wire.

To probe the current, you have to put the probe directly onto the grey dot that appears on a component pin when you hover over it.

This might help:


by signality
March 01, 2016

Thanks! That helped a lot! It seems the current nA and nB indicate which node the current enters the resistor from.

by bloodtalon
March 01, 2016

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