First time DIY Portable Speaker System

So, I am building a freaking awesome Speaker system in hopes to have a better system than one can currently buy for under $1k.

I have every component that I need. I stumbled on this amazing website while googling and trying my hand at circuits.

I would love for someone more qualified than me to pour over my schematic and tell me if I'm going to A) Kill myself, B) Burn my house down, or C) ruin my entire investment.

Thanks everyone for whatever help you can provide. :)

by Leejin
July 03, 2012

Leejin, that really looks messy and unsafe. Have a look at this, I think this may be what you're after. If not, please specify your needs more precisely. No heavy duty relays are needed. I have prior experience in automotive and pro sound systems.


by colabear8900
November 06, 2012

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