TILT FILTER EQUALIZER: with a single pot (P1) , you can balance the frequency response around a Pivot Frequency (Fp). In my Design Idea

( EDN Febbr. 2 2012, URL: http://www.edn.com/article/520749-Implement_an_audio_frequency_tilt_equalizer_filter.ph)

I derived the formulas to calculate resistors and capacitors for the willing Fp (Pivot Frequency), the willing Boost/Attenuation at Low Frequency williing Boost/Attenuation at High Frequency.

Asymmetric Low-High freq Boost/attenuation are possible.


by Francesco_Balena
January 22, 2013


Thanks for sharing your article and going to the trouble to build an interesting simulation.


by signality
January 23, 2013

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