REQUEST: "Phone Jack" component


First off, thank you CL folks for a great product / platform.

I noted in the CL editor, that a "phone jack" component is currently lacking. If you would, please add this to the available palette. For me, this would prove most useful in the design of various audio circuits (EG: synths).

I have included a few examples below from Wikipedia to indicate what I am on about:

general article

schematic examples

In the last link, the most common ones (I would expect to be used) would be A (mono, or TS) & B (stereo, or TRS)

Thank you!

by inversecow
October 31, 2017

Apologies to the MODs, I apparently posted this in the wrong area (likely better suited for the "Feature Requests" area).

Would appreciate it if this could be moved. :-)

by inversecow
October 31, 2017

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