Is this a dual power supply on the schematics I want to model?


I want to model this schematics meant to amplify and shift a signal.

However I want to try to replace the dual supply op-amp with another one powered by a single supply.

I do not how to create top section (R4 resistor). Should I put the resistor between the + and - poles of a dual supply?

That's what I have at the moment but it doesn't seem to work (flat output):

Thank you in advance for helping.

by amundsen
August 27, 2015

The + and - inputs of the op-amp were reversed from the original schematics at first but now even after correction the output is still flat.

I have also tried to simulate a DC sweep for R2.K between 0. and 1. but the output voltage sticks at 0. V for the sweeps whole duration.

What's wrong?

by amundsen
August 27, 2015

There was a mistake in a capacitor's value. And the DC voltage source can not be used as a dual supply.

So here's what I have now:

by amundsen
August 27, 2015

Thanks signality.

Just to be sure I understand: part 2 of your answer is only to create a virtual ground and a dual supply, right?

Actually if you know about a better circuit to achieve both amplification and adjustable DC offset of a positive signal I am interested!

by amundsen
August 27, 2015

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