I dont understand the spike in this simulation

Run the time domain analysis on this circuit. See the 100 amp Peak? Why?


background: This circuit will be used for testing components represented by R3 and R6. In actuality there will be 20 of these circuits in series. The idea is that when the tested component goes bad, it open circuits, but I still want the current to pass through since, like old christmas tree lights, the entire test would have to stop other wise.

Basically the test puts 300mA through the components in series. If one craps out I still want the current to pass through. I can not put the components in parallel for reasons (just trust me).

So Basically I have the switches open at various times, and when they do I get these 100amp spikes, despite the 300mA source.

How can I make the simulation more accurate? Or am I missing something that makes this true?

by Shandor
December 04, 2015

oh never mind. Increasing the resolution on the tilmestep fixed it.

by Shandor
December 04, 2015

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