Simple AC analog circuit

Can you help me in getting this to work The Home is 240V and that what I put in the source. The dimmer is 1K (max) calculated by actually measuring the Current through it. I need to see the current by changing the Dimmer from 0 to 1K. I need both DV sweep and time sweep graphs for current and voltage... YES I AM BEGINNER!!!!!!

by arishy
April 07, 2014

You might like to have a read of:



by signality
April 13, 2014

I cheated and used a pocket calculator. Rdim 0 200 400 600 800 1000 ohms Idim .16 .144 .126 .114 .104 .096 amps Vdim 0 29 50 68 83 96 volts Pdim 0 4 6 8 9 9 watts Dimmer rating 0.2 amps 100 volts 10 watts. But in reality there must be a fuse to protect against the solder tip shorting out and the dimmer must survive until the fuse blows. This would require a further fixed value resistor in series with the dimmer to limit the current. If this is a real project take care to double insulate all electrical parts.

by mikerogerswsm
October 18, 2016

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