What is wrong with circuitlab

Correct me if I'm wrong in using circuitlab or anything else.

I am trying to simulate an analog circuit in hopes of getting a sinusoid-ish result yet when I do time domain simulation I get this This had me frustrated and then I tried simulating in LTspice and got pretty much what I expected

so, is there something wrong in circuitlab's engine or what? I spent money here... please enlighten me

by KusJ
December 10, 2017

Hello! Check your start and stop time and also your time step (how often points are plotted in the simulation). Your spice simulation has the time base in ms whereas in Circuit Lab it is set to ns. Set stop time to 1ms and time step to 1us and try it again. Should work as expected then.

by sofaclass
January 10, 2018

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